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Take Control of Your Relocation with IMPACT Group


What Our Customers Are Saying

 “IMPACT Group’s career transition service was a gift through a challenging period. My coach was professional, always met me where I was, and allowed me to progress at my own pace. Thank you! A “5” is not enough to rate your service!”

Moving across the country from friends and family was hard.  The initial transition was overwhelming, but my coach helped me create an action plan and focus on the things that mattered  getting acclimated to my new job environment.  I would have felt lost without her help.  Thank you!”

"The IMPACT Group program went above and beyond anything I was expecting! By the end of it all I was gainfully employed once again and happily settled in our new home.  Thank you IMPACT Group!”  

Re-establishing your home and career in a new city can be overwhelming. IMPACT Group is by your side providing guidance and resources to quickly feel connected, productive, and engaged in your new home, both personally and professionally. 


How We Can Help You

Moving Solo or Bringing Others Along?